3 Tips to help you fall back asleep

On average, the majority of people will wake up between 2 – 4 times each night. So for many of us, a restful sleep is hard to achieve.

You might not be able to get your mind to stop thinking about every little of detail of your life, your body might not be tired, or you might just simply be a light sleeper. Whatever the reason is, it’s time to fix it

If you have trouble getting back to sleep, have a read through these top 3 tips and give them a try. Depending on the severity of your restlessness, these may not help you. I know the feeling, tossing and turning, googling, trying everything the internet says, and still not falling asleep.

But for myself, a person whose mind feels as though there are 56 different computer tabs open, these tips and tricks certainly help.

  1. Finding something to listen to.

By this I don’t mean listening to your usual playlist of Eminem, Stormzy, or Craig David on the highest volume setting. You need to find something soft sounding, something calming, something that will help relax your brain and mind and help you sleep. Spotify has a number of albums and playlists full of different sounds specifically to help you sleep. If soft music really isn’t your thing, you could even try listening to a podcast (again, there are loads on Spotify).

I listen to rain or ocean noises on a fairly low volume, but high enough for me to hear it over other things, and I focus only on the music I’m listening to. Usually after about 10-15 minutes I’m fast asleep. The only downside is that falling asleep with earphones in can either be uncomfortable and dangerous if you move a lot when sleeping. Instead you can listen to the music for around 10 minutes, and then take your earphones out and it should have relaxed you enough to sleep.

listening to music

2. Concentrate on your breathing.

Who else wishes they could sleep as easy as a kitten?

If you’ve woke up through the night, sometimes you fall back asleep within a minute or so, but other times you gradually wake up to the point you start thinking about: your plans for the day, mistakes you made back in secondary school, worries for the future, the list is endless. Instead of worrying or panicking, concentrate on something else.

For example, concentrate on your breathing. There are a variety of breathing techniques you could use to help you sleep, but rather than altering your breathing you can simply listen to it and slow it down.

This can help you, and your mind relax, which enables you to fall back asleep.

3)  Leave the room.

If it has been over 20 minutes and you still find yourself tossing, turning, not getting comfortable, then get out of bed and go for a little walk around your home. Have a sit down, somewhere dark, for a few minutes, and when you’re feely sleepy head to bed. During this, try not to look at anything bright, and relax. You could even listen to soft music or a podcast whilst doing this.


If any of these tips work, or if you have your own tips and tricks, then leave a comment below! We love to hear from you.


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